Saturday, December 27, 2014

Latest Updates

Although we've definitely been enjoying the holidays, we've also been busy at work adding and updating features on the site.

The latest feature we've added is Amazon S3 integration.  What does this mean for you?  Faster image downloads and better backups.  For the most part, it should be transparent.  Eventually you will see the URLs for your hosted image change over, but all the old images will stay where they are.

We've also streamlined registration.  We only ask for what we need now, which is basically a username and password!  If you want to enter your email address in your settings page, it will allow us to send you notifications when people like your images or post comments.

We're also in the process of designing a new layout for the site.  The new one will be easier to use and hopefully better looking!

Lastly, development on our Android app has begun.  The app is going to have some new features that's going to make being on the trail a lot more fun, but most importantly it will also make it even easier to upload images to JeepParking and link them on your favorite forums!

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